Intro to The Esoterica

The premise is to provide an insight into a wide variety of ever changing topics. The goal is to learn, while helping the reader learn, too. Topics of general curiosity, as well as topics of interest, will be scrutinized and written about in an easy to read format. These topics may be ever changing, or they may continue as a chain as the writers curiosity takes them deeper into their study. With the help from the readers, motivation on what topics should be studied/written about further can be promoted.

The Esoterica is a personal project. Hopefully it can morph into something bigger, but for now it is a personal journey into learning something new and talking about something the writer loves. Any topics the writer gains an interest in they will write about. These topics may continue forth as their interest increases, or they will die out short.

The initiating topics of choice will be, but not limited to: Watches, Jiu Jitsu, books, movies, and the list goes on and is ever changing.

Thank you, kind reader, for sacrificing your time on this introduction. The writer hopes to spark an interest in you, and hopefully write about something you will enjoy in the near future.